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Professional Interests

I'm passionate about making lives more exciting and efficient using technology, e.g., artificial intelligence. I strongly believe that man and machine working together will make a better decision than a man or a machine independently.

My current and previous work showcases a broad spectrum of my AI knowledge and experience. From hardware to software, computer vision to natural language processing, and theory to practical solutions.

Most of my projects involve practical implementations of state-of-the-art AI technology. I enjoy theoretical stuffs; however, I'm mostly interested in AI technology that is feasible, responsible, explainable, non-incremental and has real-world values to whomever using the technology. More specifically, I'm interested in new AI techniques that will solve real-world problems when developing AI solutions in real situations. These include:

  • Continual Learning: We have encountered situations where new classes are introduced periodically. This happens a lot when dealing with corporate data.
  • Self Supervised Learning: Sometimes it is difficult to annotate all of our data. We need to use the data itself for supervision.
  • Concept Drift: Most of the times, the distribution of the data now will be different than the one in the future.
  • Tackling bias in AI: When we develop technology that involves humans, how do we make sure it will work for different genders, ages, etc.
  • Explainable AI: It is imperative that we have the ability to explain how our solutions produce their decisions. Especially, when we are dealing with technology that involves humans' safety.
  • Other areas: Some important problems that appear in real live situations such as class imbalance, multi-task learning, etc

Work Experience

GM logo
Mar '18 - Now
Oshawa, ON, Canada

Senior AI Specialist

Currently responsible for developing AI solutions that work in real lives and have significant impact on innovation activities and operational efficiency at GM. Main contributor to a deployed AI solution with an impact up to $8M/year in GM operational savings.

cognitech logo
Oct '16 - Jan '18
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Machine Learning Engineer

Responsible for implementing state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for two projects: speech multi-keywords spotting and time-series anomaly detection.

UW logo
Apr '14 - Dec '17
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Research and Teaching Assistants

Graduate Research Assistant. Developed a vision-based cognitive advanced driver assistance system using Deep Learning. Our work has appeared at national and international news sites: CBC News, The Washington Post, Vice News, and other news outlets.
Teaching Assistant. Responsible for assisting instructors in the labs and classrooms for several courses in the area of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and control systems.

KFUPM logo
Aug '10 - May '13
Dhahran, KSA

Research Assistant

Developed control and instrumentation systems for two major projects at KFUPM: unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and solar-powered reverse-osmosis water desalination system.

PTFI logo
Aug '08 - Dec '08
Papua, Indonesia

Graduate Development Program - Process Control Engineer

Trained as an automation engineer for gold and copper extraction automation.

Telkom logo
Jul '07 - Aug '07
Bandung, Indonesia

Intern - Project Management

Assigned to assist the project management team.


UW logo
Jan '14 - Apr '18
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Doctor of Philosophy

Computer Engineering, GPA: 4.00/4.00

Thesis: Large-Scale Traffic Flow Prediction Using Deep Learning in the Context of Smart Mobility. Supervisor: Fakhri Karray.

KFUPM logo
Aug '10 - May '13
Dhahran, KSA

Master of Science

Control Engineering, GPA: 3.84/4.00

Thesis: Invariance and Immersion (I&I) Control Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Supervisor: Sami Elferik.

ITB logo
Aug '04 - Jul -08
Bandung, Indonesia

Bachelor of Science

Engineering Physics, GPA: 3.03/4.00

Thesis: Development of a 3D-Image Electric Tomography Data Acquisition System for Cylindrical Object Image Reconstructions. Supervisor: Deddy Kurniadi.



Professional Activities


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